Phil Baines Penguin by Design

This project is one of Phil Baines most recognized works, Penguin by Design: A Cover Story 1935-2005. In it, Baines looks back over the history of the Penguin publishing company’s book design as it changed from the very first cover to the most recent one. Anyone would recognize the classic orange penguin on various renown literature that would be found in any bookstore. Penguin by Design was released on March 28, 2006, by Phil Baines as its sole author. It was created for the purpose of celebrating the 70 years of the Penguin company’s existence and offers a look back into the past. It is a reflection on their beginnings and how they became the company that they are today. Baines covers many of the stylistic changes of the book covers from the past 70 years and fills the book will tons of information about a variety of things. The amazon description for the book states that it is “Rich with stunning illustrations and filled with details about individual titles, designers, and even the changing size and shape of the Penguin logo itself, Penguin by Design shows how covers become design classics.” This project was created for people who have some kind of attachment to the Penguin published books or anyone that may be interested in the history of the company or just simply graphic design as a whole. Many read books with the widely identified orange color and the puffin or penguin on the front cover, so this book would offer a large amount of nostalgia to those that identify with that. This book or project is one of Baines’ largest commercial projects simply based on how well-known the Penguin company books are.  


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