Beat the Whites with the Red Wedge

El Lissitzky Beat the Whites with the Red Wedge

This piece is called Beat the Whites with the Red Wedge which was made in 1919. This is one of Lissitzky’s more famous pieces and is one of the ones he is most known for. This is a prime example of Lissitzky’s main tools which are primary colors, black and white and geometric shapes. This is also Lissitzky’s first attempt at trying a new form of art. It is when he switches from Jewish culture to more propagandistic art. This piece and many of his other works of art were made in support of the Red Army. The red triangle is meant to represent the Red Army, while the white circle is meant to represent the people that were against anti-communist, the White Army. It is a lighter background to represent a positive future. He seems to continue with Suprematism with this piece of art as well. Which to reiterate again, the Suprematism movement was a Russian art movement characterized by simple geometric shapes and associated with ideas of spiritual purity. This piece perfectly represents this movement. This is a great representation of what was happening in Russian society at the time. When looking at the image it seems as though the red triangle is freeing the white circle from the darkness surrounded by it. This piece is just the beginning of his political work and it just becomes even more advanced. After this Lissitzky’s work goes on to a more three-dimensional plain. It is also important to note once again his use of texts, while it is in Russian, the words provide a sort of guidance to what his intent was (Stanska, 2018).

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