Winterhouse Maple Syrup

For my second project by William Drenttel, I chose another collaboration between him and his wife. The art for these bottles of maple syrup was created for their own Winterhouse Design Studio maple syrup. Here, the designers use a broad range of styles to ornament their collection. Typography and photography, executed in a variety of colors and styles give the collection an eclectic, almost esoteric feel, reminiscent of a home filled with antique furniture that doesn’t quite match but is similar enough to maintain some small strand of coherency. That the bottle design itself is consistent helps to ground it, so that each piece feels like part of a singular unit. And yet, each bottle has a distinctive ambience-with the first being a classic, typographic design not unlike a bottle one might have in their own home, just elevated to something a touch more elegant. Then there is a bottle that is more abstract, bearing an almost unsettling blue-tinted photograph of bare trees, evocative of cold autumn evenings. Next to it, a design featuring a decidedly Kubrick-esque red and white photograph. My personal favorites are the bottles adorned with sepia-toned photographs of a baleful-eyed dog. It is unclear if they are two separate bottles that when aligned make up both sides of the face of the pup, or if the image wraps around. Either way, the project encourages a collectors mentality (how nice they would look all lined up in my cabinet at home!) but also celebrates the individuality of the artists.