Knoll International Poster and Brand

In 1966, Massimo Vignelli created a vibrant and eye-catching poster for Knoll International. Not only did Vignelli make this poster for Knoll, but he also worked at Knoll International to create a new graphics program. This led to the creation of “stationery, business cards, stickers, tags, boxes, brochures and four-color ads for trade magazines and publications like The New Yorker, Vogue and Fortune” (“Knoll Designer Bios”).

This poster is exemplary of the work Vignelli did for Knoll International. Largely grid-based, his work for Knoll provided the basis for all other basic communication for the company. Knoll International’s corporate identity was the gold standard at the time in the graphic design world (“Knoll Designer Bios”).

This poster shown above uses simplicity in both shape and color to draw the eyes of the viewer in. The colors used are both primary and secondary colors, both basic in their concept but bright an eye-catching. Vignelli here uses CMYK printing methods to his advantage in the creation and production of this unique poster. Vignelli was known for his love of simple fonts such as Helvetica, as can be seen here in this poster (Kastrenakes).

Massimo Vignelli created other corporate identities through his various firms and partnerships for companies such as American Airlines and Sotheby’s, but his work for Knoll International stands out as a prime example of his method of “design as one” and of designing visually succinct material. Vignelli succeeds here in using both simple colors and shapes to provide a visual identity to viewers.

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