MGMT: quonset

Alicia Cheng’s graphic design studio was responsible for this exhibition’s graphics. It features the Quonset hut, a shelter, and supplies based off of WWII. They collaborated with Matter Architecture Practice to create this museum exhibit. T0gether the two companies were able to create an interactive, informational, and complex environment. It taught people about the realities of the Second World War. In this exhibition, they included many graphics that visualized data. For instance, there was a map that depicted where they placed troops in Alaska. Similar to Cheng’s other pieces this exhibition focus on teaching people about the past. One tool her company, MGMT, used to do this was graphics from that time. There were many displays of pictures from that era as well as cartoons or drawings. You can also see in the images posted above that they featured newspapers and other forms of media. In the last image, there are even displays that feature artifacts from the war. By using large installations, primary sources, dynamic lighting, and other techniques, MGMT was able to create an immersive environment for people to learn in. One important thing to note is the shape and detailing of the installments. If you look closely you can see the stands that are holding up the information and the graphics seem to be curved and made out of somewhat industrial metal. They did this to mimic the feeling of a Quonset hut. A Quonset hut was a building used in the war to provide shelter for the troops. Additionally, one other thing that Alicia Cheng is known for is her attention to typography. As you can see on the floor the font used is meant to mimic a sort of heavy-duty and rustic feeling to it. Alicia Cheng does a wonderful job at creating art that teaches and immerses her audience.