Wolfgang Weingart

Wolfgang Weingart is a well known figure in the realm of graphic design and typography. According to “Wolfgang Weingart: Biography, Designs and Facts,” his work can be characterized as Swiss Typography. To include some background information, Weingart was born in Southern Germany in the year 1941. More specifically, he was born in Constance at the northern foots of the Alps (Wolfgang Weingart: Biography, Designs and Facts). In 1958, he returned to Germany to enroll in school after leaving for a short moment with his family to Lisbon. This school was called Merz Academy in Stuttgart. This is where he got involved in applied graphic arts for 2 years. After this period in his life, he began an apprenticeship with Ruwe Printing. Later, the consulting designer of that company actually became Weingart’s mentor. His mentor was named Karl-August Hanke. Weingart proceeded to attend the Basel School of Design in 1963. His career continued as he was requested to teach typography there. This department was grateful to have him up until 2005. His next teaching job landed him in Brissago, Switzerland, at the Yale Summer Program in Graphic Design. His life has been a vibrant, exciting time as he has experienced so many parts of the world. I find so much beauty in doing something you love in different parts of the world. He was able to to teach in Asia, New Zealand, North and South America, and Australia(Wolfgang Weingart: Biography, Designs and Facts).

He continued on with his work by publishing a book and even offering his abilities to the board of a magazine. He did this for 18 years! How amazing is that!

One thing I have learned is that he is very talented and that many were able to experience that talent. Because of this, he has received numerous awards! As a designer, he inspired others to create and to live life to the fullest doing what you love.








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