Flying Letters by John Maeda

In another method of combining complex computer programs with creativity and art John Maeda created “Flying Letters”. This interactive rpgr uses a. Mac OS9 emulator and can be known to take a significant amount of time to load up. “Flying Letters” is exactly what it describes, flying letters in white against a black background that shoot sporadically off of the top of the mouse. This is known as the mouse being connected to a field of responsive letters on the screen. In another version “Tap Type Write” the keyboard functions as an instrument and the sound of a typewriter plays. These two programs encapsulated the reaction people had to technology as computers became more widely adopted. Designers had to make the new consideration that users would want interaction past the typical streamline of information. Maeda was known for exploring the creative possibilities of computational media and would do so in the “reactive books”. These were created from 1994 to 1999. These are interactive prices in which a computer’s hardware is linked to a software that is specified. Digitalogue produced four as booklets before the company eventually collapsed in 2000. Even this program helped Maeda gain numerous awards in Japan. A quick google search of just the term “flying letters” comes up with results that are seemingly inspired by Maeda’s reactive program. The disk the program is stored on itself is a camo green accompanied with a cream color. The disk itself very clearly states “John Maeda Flying Letters” and is a clear example of his simplicity statement.