Eames Plywood LCW Chair

Featured image Courtesy of Eames.com

This was the first of the Eames’s plywood series and it was the Lounge Height (L) Side Chair (C) on Wood (W) Base released in 1945, created by both Charles and Ray Eames, and referred to as “the chair of the century” by Time magazine. It was created out of 5 layers of plywood, all glued and heated using a specific and specialized machine that bends the wood into the form of this design. The support was created from two differently sized curved legs and a spine. The backrest and seat were glued to this support through rubber shock mounts that were hidden from view. It was roughly 27 inches tall, 22 inches in width, 25 inches of depth, and a seat height of 15 inches. The techniques that were used in the creation of this plywood chair originated during war years and were utilized in the creation of the U.S. Navy Eames Splint as well. The chair resulted in a visual representation of the beauty of the postwar period through its molded plywood form. 


Image Courtesy of Eamesoffice.com

This side chair also had a dining height sister chair (DCW) which were both replicated with metal bases instead of the wood in the new DCM and LCM. These four chairs became part of a group known as the “Eames Chairs” and were marketed and distributed to the people of the U.S. As the chairs were replicated with a different base, the LCW was created with different wood colors and finished, creating new looks through the same design. 


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