Son of Fury: A Documentracing: Thomas Ockerse

Son of Fury: A Documentracing

Thomas Ockerse published Son of Fury: A Documentracing in 1973, the same year as TIME: A Documentracing and they are often referred to as brother works to each other. Like TIME, Son of Fury has a limitation of 300 copies, which while it is significantly less, they are currently going for about the same price as the brother work on eBay. As said in my other posts, a Documentracing is a form of expressing an event or even an object through an objective form of art including fragments of things to express a specific story. Son of Fury is published in black and white, and features line drawings along with printed texts describing the story he is portraying. This project broke ground on a new technique of graphic design that had not been explored previously, by interpreting already existing information. Sadly, there are no pictures of Son of Fury or its contents available without purchasing the physical work. This may be because of the focus being mostly on the brother work, TIME, or because it was published in 1973. But the amount of support that Ockerse has amounted over the years for his works, speaks volumes about the quality. Son of Fury represents the breakthrough of design practices and finding one’s own path and interpretations of life. The book is printed and is similar to the brother work, in that it interprets an otherwise everyday object into a new and profound way of thinking. His study of Commercial Art at Ohio State University helped him create this method of art to encapsulate his audiences attention and make them think about what his work means.


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