TIME: A Documentracing: Thomas Ockerse

TIME: A Documentracing

Thomas Ockerse created TIME: A Documentracing in 1973. A documentracing is described as a visual poem that documents time in an artistic way by integrating different pieces of things to create a poem like story. Currently, this piece of work is limited to 1000 printed copies total and has been since it was first published. This work documents the TIME Magazine Issue that came out on October 29, 1973. Documentracing’s can use printed work, television, and so many other art forms as it’s focal event. In the end, this work includes art like traced lines, powerful sayings and other words from the TIME Magazine that it is focused on, and other interpretive artwork based off the Magazine. While this piece does not use any innovative technology, it interprets a common object, the TIME Magazine, in a way that it was never perceived before. It took the basic elements of the pages of the Magazine and broke them down to their core elements and expressed them using different methods of graphic design. This method was essentially pioneered by Ockerse and brought a new outlook on the meaning of graphic design. This work was one of Ockerse’s first Documentracing works and was published alongside SON OF FURY: A Documentracing. This kicked off Ockerse’s monumental impact of the idea of graphic design and broke boundaries that many had not even thought of before. Around when this work was published, Ockerse became Program Head of Graduate Studies in Graphic Design at the Rhode Island School of Design and was able to further his outreach to teach the young minds in graphic design about this new method of design.


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