Rogério Duarte Poster Design: Deus o Diabo na Terra do Sol

Duarte designed the movie poster for Glauber Rocha’s Deus o Diabo na Terra do Sol, (Black God, White Devil) 1964. This movie is considered a Brazillian classic, and an icon of the time. Rocha, a  motion-picture director who was a leading figure in Brazil’s Cinema Novo (“New Cinema”) was a friend of Duarte’s. The poster includes a monochrome image of the film’s cangaceiro (bandit), whose face is inside a circle that is surrounded by bold color. Contrasting between the rich red that consumes the poster, is yellow rays of sun surrounding the man’s face. “And while noting that he jokingly thanked Rocha for creating a film to complement his poster, Duarte also points to the poster as the first point of audience contact with the film – in fact, he reasons, it is likely the case that the poster had more viewers than the film it advertised.” (Solomon)


Stefan Solomon, ‘The cloak of technicolor’: intermedial colour in Antônio das MortesScreen, Volume 60, Issue 1, Spring 2019, Pages 137–147,