Fight Club Movie Credits

Project 2: Fight Club Movie Credits

The movie Fight Club produced in 1999 used P. Scott Makela to design a rave-flyer-inspired sans serif typeface to use for the movie credits. Makela worked with movie producer, David Fincher, to produce and design the look and feel of the opening credits. David Fincher had an idea of flashing the credits, burning them, searing them into people’s eyes and then letting them decay away after being on screen for a few frames. It didn’t go over well but he had an intense vision and P. Scott Makela could fulfill the wants of the opening credits vibe. P. Scott Makela got the job done and David Fincher’s idea came true. There were a few budget issues, but Makela set the stage for Fight Club.  When looking up information about Makela, one of the most memorable accomplishments always listed, is being a part of Fight Club. It was an important project for the designer because his work was seen on the big screen by millions and his name is also connected to the successful movie. The credits represent Makela’s passion for an aggressive, post-modern style; it represents Makela’s technique and what he does best. This work was a special end to his career because the ‘Dead History’ typeface helped design the outcome of these movie credits. (Radatz, 2014)

Fight Club was one of Makela’s last projects before he passed away so the significance of being a part of this idea is extra special to his family and teammates.



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