Lance Wyman Washington D.C. Metro Map

Lance Wyman also designed the mapping for the Washington D.C. Metro. This image shows where each station is, where each metro travels too and from, and some overall points of interests near some metro stops. It was created and commissioned by the city of Washington D.C. and their metro workers. It was designed with the idea of creating the best possible mode of transport next to driving to try and attempt to spread out the traffic in Washington D.C. This design/project is important as it shows Wyman started to move his career away from creative designs and more towards industrial and city planning and coordination. The metro map does not represent any particular design movement, however, it did setup for many other city designers to copy his planning and use it in their own cities when they needed to design their own metro mapping. It did not follow any design movement but he did innovate industrial design and mapping. The main noticeable innovation that Lance Wyman’s mapping of the Washington D.C. metro had was the fact that it made using the metro for local citizens and tourists easily accessible. The map in itself is a very simplistic design with color coordination and many different markers to help you follow exactly where you need and want to go and the best way to get there. It is also helps and allows for employees to keep a safe and scheduled metro without risk of much confusion or risk of accident giving everyone the best possible time while riding the metro to get where they want to be while in Washington D.C.

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