Jeffery Keedy’s Big Happy Typeface Family

Jeffery Keedy has several notable achievements throughout the duration of his career as an American graphic designer. The most notable achievement of Jeffery Keedy’s career was unarguably his creation of the typeface family, Keedy Sans. Keedy Sans is an Adobe font, and is frequently identified and used in the design world. This typeface was created by a designer, for designers, and it certainly did well. Keedy, in regard to this typeface family that he created, takes great pride in the fact that he is 100% self taught about how to create fonts. However, Keedy’s first font design was not Keedy Sans, in fact, the font is called Neo Theo. It is quite impressive of Keedy that there was no definitive goal of creating this typeface, especially when he had zero experience as a type designer, and was able to create such a desired font among designers. It is understood that Keedy was fascinated with typeface families and fonts, and wanted to create one with his own twist. Keedy was said to create a typeface that was not “logically systematic; if you saw a few letters you could pretty much guess what the rest of the font would look like… (He) wanted a typeface that would willfully contradict those expectations” (Adobe).

The Keedy Sans typeface is particularly interesting because it contradicts uniformity and professionalism that is routed in many typefaces. The fact that this font is so random yet legible is incredibly impressive for someone with little to no experience in this field. Keedy not only designed this font, but he also integrated fun into the Adobe font families.

Jeffery Keedy’s Keedy Sans typeface. Created in 1989. Available on Adobe Fonts.



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