Yellowstone’s opening scenes do a great job in preparing the viewer for what they are about to watch.  The three elements of design that were most evident to me were the use of visuals, sound, and lighting.  The creator used graphics that depicted different elements of the plot by creating a video of different silhouetted scenes.  The opening scene is made to look like an old video reel playing.  The silhouetted images that are playing on the screen along with the grainy effect sets a somber mood.  The illustrations and the way the opening is arranged aids the viewer in concluding the show is more serious.  There are many images depicted like explosions, grazing buffalo, Native American villages, and a herd of horses. The use of foreshadowing events with visuals is a brilliant design decision.  It allows for a distant, viewer interaction with the designer through the scenes.  This visual element is paired with the element of sound.  The location of the film is not mentioned in the opening scenes so the music and the graphics give the necessary context clues to aid the viewer in understanding where the show is set.  The music that is played over the scene has an old west style and makes the viewer think of cowboys.  This is a great connection for the viewer to make because of the show’s plot.  Lastly, the use of lighting.  The opening was designed to resemble an older style of video that was played off of reels.  This use of a dimmer set video and the older style makes it seem historical and serious.  It also takes away the distraction of lots of colors, sounds, and drama so the viewer is able to actually focus on each of the scenes that play.  There is also the illusion of either blood or a dark ink that is dripping onto the scene in the video that could be the foreshadowing of conflict or bloodshed later on in the show.  The design elements do a great job of setting the tone of the show, and I loved observing the trailer and how I interacted with the video design.