An Inconvenient Truth

The film begins with peaceful music and slow narration discussing the serene beautiful environment being shown on screen. There’s a sparkling river, bright green foliage, and a beautiful blue sky with the sun shining brightly. 

The narrator says “look at that river flowing by, you notice the leaves gently rustling in the wind” while the pretty piano music plays softly in the background. This imagery paired with the soothing narration and nice piano music sets the mood as serene and reminds the viewer to appreciate nature’s beauty. 

The title sequence then changes into clips of a man, Al Gore, giving public talks which are seemingly focused on earth. These clips are shortened to the point where the audience doesn’t yet know that climate change is the intended topic but this is smart because it makes people curious and want to continue watching. The clips all include a large audience and bright stage lights giving Al Gore a sort of credibility because it is clear he has been invited to big, official venues to speak on this topic. There is audio of people clapping in this section and it is clear he is speaking with a mic in a large auditorium emphasizing the popularity of his talk. 

This public speech montage fades into visuals of ice melting

and while this happens the piano music comes back but it is sad now. The ice melting photos fade into pictures of the Hurricane Katrina crisis showing people in flooded streets without homes. This scene changes the whole tone of the title sequence to depressing and painful. 

The final scene before the film really starts is a scene of Al Gore looking out of his window

while he says “Ive been trying to tell this story for a long time and I feel as if ive failed” which again is a hook to get the viewer invested. He is looking remorsefully out of a car window and is clearly on his way to a meeting or official job because of his suit. There is also the text of the title “An Inconvenient Truth” which appears in this part. The text is a plain serif font that emphasizes this is a formal and important documentary along with his attire and setting of being in a large city.