To Kill A Mockingbird(1962)

The intro title scene for To Kill a Mockingbird grabs the attention of the audience through the introduction of a mysterious treasure box which provokes the audience’s curious mind to find out what it contains. In this short film, the director introduces some important symbols and visual elements that are crucial to the overall message and aesthetic of this film.

Starting out with the film, the audience captures the music played by a piano and later joined by a child humming. The sound matches the visual as it shows scenes of a child drawing and playing with the stuff that is in the treasure box. This combination of elements suggests that the main character could be a child or someone that is playful and childlike.

The scene then proceeds to show the title of the film by filming the children coloring in the imprints of the title. This choice of typography and sound of a child humming gives me a creepy vibe due to the title To Kill A Mockingbird, which is not something that is appropriate to associate with a child with. 

The camera work during the title scene seems to focus on the items that were inside of the treasure box through close-up shots of each of them. The camera also focuses on what the child is doing by giving them a close of their drawing from time to time.


The music continues on by transitioning into a loud and elegant classic, showing all the credits and the close-ups for the items. The typography for the credits interacts with the items. It does not distract the item in the background nor is it too insignificant for anyone to notice the credit. The scenes during this part of the film transition through fading in and out which adds to the mysterious meaning of the items. 


The title scene ends with the final product of the children’s drawing which was a bird. Seconds later, the child tears the paper up. This type of visuals allows the viewers to connect back to the title of the film, and makes us wonder, does the child have something to do with the death of the mockingbird?