Stranger Than Fiction

Sound, movement, and typography all play large roles in the opening sequence of Stranger than Fiction.

Throughout the Title sequence, Sound is incredibly effective in establishing the mood of this movie. In starting his day, there are many sounds that pull the audience into the narrative of the main character. Some of these are the beeping alarm from his wrist watch, the sound of him brushing his teeth, tying his tie, and more The music that chimes in helps to build the energy of the blossoming sequence of events. Most importantly, there is narration explaining everything that the protagonist does which seems to be a very important part of this movie. There is a lot to listen to, but it all works together.

In addition to sound, visual elements also are used a lot in opening the movie up. There are several elements that pop in this movie. One is the pop ups with words and numbers, to emphasize the point of what the narrator is saying. These help us understand what is going on and make it important. Even though it is a morning routine, it is not just a morning routine. Another visual element that makes a difference is just the setting and the frames that depict the main character. We see his life in context with the movement and neutral colors and watching him go about his everyday life. Also, the visual element  of organization shows how repetitive every day is.

Typography is crucial in showing us what this movie is most likely going to be about. In this introduction, the type follows the character around and helps narrate what he is doing. It counts, describes, and displays statistics. It is everywhere that the protagonist is. By including the element of typography, this movie becomes more multidimensional and more descriptive.