Crystal Fairy and The Magical Cactus

Crystal Fairy and the Magical Cactus directed by Sebasti├ín Silva is a film that is anything but ordinary. Its title sequence goes out of its way to make sure the viewer knows it is not a normal movie. This is shown through the opening sequence’s use of visual elements, movement, and sound.

The visual elements in the opening sequence give both a mystical and mysterious mood. As seen from the photos, the entire intro sequence is shown on a black background with white images and text. The images and text are also fairly simplistic. This simplistic style allows for few images and text to stand out. The opening introduces the main actors and prominent workers on the film as seen in the second photo. The starry background when the name of person gives a mysterious mood. The title sequence then appears in large overarching title bursting through making it very grandiose and magical.

The movement in the opening sequence really adds the magic and mysteriousness of the opening. One of the magical movements elements to see are the slight twinkling of stars, movement of the fairy, and the crystals that burst through the title page. Their movements are not sporadic, but rather normal or slow paced which adds to the magic and mysterious tone. One graphic movement that is mysterious is the fairy hovering over the cactus which shatter when the fairy waves the wand at them. What was originally a magically looking visual becomes mysterious and ominous. The before and after shattering is shown in image three and four.

Finally, sound is a very large contributor to mood in the opening sequence. The music is similar to films that are fantasy/adventure based (almost harry potter like) which gives a mysterious and ominous tone. This draws the viewer in wanting to discover what will happen.


Images are screenshots from this uploaded video of the title sequence.