Evil Dead

Lauren Allen

The trailer starts with a large title screen that fits the theme, with typography that get increasingly bigger as it seems to pop out at the viewer. There is a black background and it feels like the camera is zooming into the letters, to emphasize the movie title, “Evil Dead”. The scene looks to take place in a basement and can be inferred as so by the viewer with the quote it features just below the trailer screen. The photography of the trailer shows a dark background, the only emphasized item is the redness of the blood. There is a sort of vibrancy about the red color of the blood in contrast to everything else in the captured video. Scenes pop up that imitate what sawing skin or wounded and open sores would look like up close. Most shots are close-ups, in order to give the viewer a better look at what the images are. The typography of the letters shown was in all capitals, some were bolded to emphasize the names that were given. All letters were filled with the same tint of red as the blood shown throughout the trailer, to give it a resemblance so that a viewer may pay attention to the words themselves. About halfway through, the shots are not steady as if to increase a chaotic feeling. At this point, the typography is shaking with the camera shot, making it slightly hazed. In some parts, for example at 1:09, the typography is blurred by the splattering of blood that appears to be hitting the letters (image 3). At 1:36, the music changes to a more hasty tune that has a higher gradual pitch. Seemingly, the more blood is shown, the more the music dramatically increases. The music in the background seems to match up with motions used in the trailer, like sawing, or blood dripping into a bigger puddle of blood. The lighting remained consistent through the short film, as the background was always dark in contrast to the sight of the blood. Only the blood and typography were seen as in color because the background had low light and only had tints of black and green. There were shadows cast across the whole background except for the blood, which gave it a highlighted effect. The mood was dreary and suspenseful, with quite graphic scenes of opened skin with blood constantly flowing. The ambiance was always dark with little light to show details on what props were being used. It was clear that the use of blood was necessary as the theme is about the “living dead”, and what they are driven by is human blood.