The Pink Panther 1963

The Pink Panther has one of the most iconic audio soundtracks included in its title sequence. Most everyone can recognize the catchy tune and associate it with The Pink Panther. The music comes across as sneaky as it sounds like it is creeping forward. This is useful because the pink panther is a sneaky character and is very sly. When the panther experienced pain in the title sequence, the music got loud and was abrupt. This music directly coincides with the theme of the pink panther getting hurt and getting into trouble. For instance, when the pink panther was sitting on some text in one scene, he fell and right when he hit the ground the music was louder and drew attention to the fall.

It is interesting to note the wide range of colors that are represented in the title sequence. The background of the screen changes to various colors such as red, blue, and tan along with the color of the actual text. I think the purpose of this is to portray the fun and spontaneous nature of the film. The audience is caught off guard when the color suddenly changes and it makes them eager to figure out what will happen next.

The use of movement is another aspect of the title sequence that is compelling to its audience. The text that appeared on the screen rarely left the same way. Sometimes it slowly disappeared and other times it quickly left the screen. This allows the audience to stay on their toes and expect for there to be surprises in the film. The text was also unique because sometimes it would be incomplete and the pink panther would step in and place the letters where they belonged.

Another aspect to consider is the difference in lighting. In most of the scenes the lighting is fairly vibrant, but in some scenes it is much darker. I noticed that when the light was brighter, the pink panther was not as present in some of the scenes. At this time, the names of all the individuals who contributed to the film were truly put on display and were the main focal point. If the pink panther appeared against the bright background, he was briefly on the screen and then snuck off. When the lighting was darker, the pink panther was causing trouble. For instance, the very last time we see the pink panther in the sequence, he was covered in smoke and then the camera zooms in on his eyes against a dark background. This further portrays the theme of the panther being sneaky and mysterious but still finding himself getting hurt in some way.