God of War (2010)

In the god of war opening sequence has many elements that gives the viewers an idea of what the game is going to be about. From the start of the opening the tone of the game can be felt from the music and how the narrator is talking. The music that was also chosen gives off an ancient time feel but it’s also upbeat and makes viewers feel anticipation. The music is often synched up with the movements in the video and flows with the pace of the video whether it is moving faster or slower. The lighting that was chosen for this sequence is a very dark and menacing color and gives off a dark vibe and tone. Many shapes change and develop into characters from the game and also into things in the environment of the opening. Kratos the main character dives off of a building which then transitions to him diving into a woman’s eye and then transitions to a picture of him sitting on a throne. This is a good example of how the sequence uses all of the elements surround it to keep the flow of the scene moving. Also, when a character starts bleeding and falls down a hole this transition into the main character Kratos and then the hole turns into a visually reoccurring circle. The blood in the opening also splatters like it has hit a wall and gives the feel that the game is going to be very gruesome. The transitions in this opening sequence is the biggest design element that occurs in the scene. Everything on the screen is always moving and transitioning into something new and happens fairly quickly. The only time the transitions seem to slow down is when a creator’s name comes across the screen but then it quickly begins to move again. The typography that is used for scene is fairly simple and the font is an ancient font and some of the words move slowly move into the background elements and become part of the design. The title of the game also transitions straight into the main character on a horse, and this is when the typography really begins. The typography also moves around constantly it is never in the same place back-to-back it moves depending on what is going on in the background. I believe that everything that was done in the opening sequence from the visuals to the sounds and typography complemented the game nicely and gives viewers an idea of what is to come.