Arrested Development

The show that I chose to analyze for this assignment is the opening title sequence of Arrested Development.  The element of design that stuck out the most to me was the use of sound. Now, the obvious aspect of this is the voiceover done by Ron Howard, one of the executive producers for the show. This voiceover very obviously introduces the family and tells the audience what kind of predicament that they have found themselves in. A more interesting use of sound is the use of the music in the background. I would describe the music as being very upbeat and almost quirky, which I think does an excellent job at portraying the quirks of the Bluth family. It is a very predictable American sitcom-esque type of title sequence music.

The Arrested Development opening title sequence does a great job at harnessing the use of imagery to harness the essence of each main character in the show. One of the first images shown is the newspaper clipping of the father in handcuffs being taken away by what we can assume are the police. Even though this does not tell the audience exactly what happened, it does show us that the family is in a difficult situation. The clip continues on which each family member getting a few photos of themselves in addition to a short video clip to show off their personalities. The way that the photos and the short videos are placed within the title sequence almost reminds me of The Brady Bunch opening title sequence and how they interact with each other.

I think that it is also important to note the use of movement and how each image and video clip moves across the screen and how they are all sequenced. The use of movement in this title sequence is very choppy and fast-paced. I think that choosing to edit it this way, helps add to the idea that this is a very dysfunctional and sporadic family.