Yogi Bear 2010

An element that is used is the use of sound. After watching the movie the audio and elements complement each other very well. The movements and visual elements are timed perfectly. The sound effects of the movie say the mood is very animated. I say animated because Yogi Bear and Boo Boo’s voices are very cheerful and uppity. Also, when they show their emotion it is exaggerated a lot. The sound effects also give you the feel of being on an adventure and when they are performing certain tasks the sound replicates just as if a superhero was saving the day. In this movie, the design elements moved around the screen fast-paced, slow, side-to-side, quick cuts etcetera. The movements of the animated characters were very fluid and precise and gave them a more realistic feel. The contrast, color, and texture of these characters strengthen the animated vibe. Overall the movements of the movie were very fluid throughout. In the beginning, the use of typography was incorporated. The title of the movie appeared at a medium tempo. In this case, the words just appeared and were centered in the middle of the frame. Yogi is looking through a basket he just stole and it ended up breaking so as he looked through the title was simply placed on top of his face. The designer decided to go with majuscule letters, which had a lime green outline trim with bright brown wood style color. Another element that is used in the open title sequence is the use of lighting. The bright lighting communicates that the mood of the movie is going to be joyful and cheerful. It is very high contrast making Yogi Bear and Boo Boo stand out as the animated characters compared to the realistic background behind them. I feel like the lighting effects were time fine with the visual elements and complimented each other.