Taxi Driver

Martin Scorsese’s Taxi Driver includes a title sequence at the beginning like a lot of films do. The Intro title sequence serves as a sort of “pre movie” credit roll; showing the lead actors, the directors, and the cinematographer. There are plenty of design elements used throughout that give way for the film, and set the vibe. The first two headings show the Publishing studio as well as the lead actor (Columbia Pictures and Robert DeNiro respectively) in a Red, capitalized, and geometric type face. The red color against the black background gives a sort of hectic, apocalyptic look.

After those fade away the music fades in as well as a shot of what looks like steam from a manhole, with a taxi driving through it. The taxi passes and reveals the title of the movie. Taxi Driver. It is written in an orange glowing typeface that sort of resembles the lights of a car beaming through the haze of night. All of the aforementioned elements along with the horn-full music gives the viewer an eerie vibe and an expectation that this is going to be a very mysterious and secretive movie. Throughout the rest of the title sequence the music fades in an out with each stab revealing a new credit. Those are accompanied by shots of what looks like a taxi drivers eyes, peering along the lit night streets.

The setting seems to be in manhattan due to the yellow taxis being shown as well as the astigmatised lights cluttered on an urban street. They are also accompanied by the jazziness of the music, making it even more new yorkish.

steam and smoke continue to be present throughout the sequence but slowly die down near the
end, marking the beginning of the actual film and the end of the title sequence. Taking into consideration all of the design elements such as typography, cinematography, lighting, shot choice, and setting, one can assume that the film will be about a taxi driver in New York City that deals with shady people and the infinite abyss of possibilities that come with being a taxi driver.