Pause 2017 Opening Titles – Different Perspective

The purpose of this piece was to explore the theme of that year’s theme of Different Perspectives. I believe that it accomplishes this rather well by focusing on different areas of an abandoned, empty city.

I also find that the perspective brought by the repeated motif of a cat furthers this neutrality and curiosity generated in the viewer. One specific inconsistency I found to be rather glaring was the “sliding” I noticed in the cat’s animation, the walk cycle was advanced but in some scenes, one can notice the can model sliding forward on the paws that are fixed to the ground. While this does not subtract from the overall experience for most viewers, especially those who only view the film once, I found it to be inconsistent with the production quality that existed throughout the rest of the film. That being said I still find that the gliding-like motion of our feline friend almost adds to the smooth, almost unsettling feeling of the film.

One of the most impactful elements of this piece is the consistent use of projected and displayed green code writing itself. This aspect adds to the surrealist, futuristic mood and brings technology, a core component of the conference into many of the otherwise relatively simple or organic scenes. This blend of technology is furthered by the inclusion of organic material such as flowers, a deer, and the recurring cat.

Another interesting choice the studio made was the prevalent flashing / turning on of lights in each scene. This simple yet elegant element brought such life to the whole piece that otherwise would have felt too lifeless to communicate much other than emptiness. To me, each of the lights turning on represents a separate perspective or group of perspectives reliant on their specific settings. For example, the lights in the subway all emitted the same eerie bright green glow and felt very unified while the bright and varying lights of the many implied screen in front of the woman’s head at 1:13 or the pure visual overload that is the scene at 1:23 communicate a wide variety of vastly differing perspectives while not explicitly mentioning a single one or showing the people those perspectives belong to.

Overall I find this short opening sequence to be expertly paced, animated, and directed. The blend of organic forms and complex lightning paired with wonderful sound design and moving art direction creates visceral feelings of isolation and curiosity I find to be deeply inspiring.