Graphic Design “In the Wild”

I was walking through Target the other day when I noticed this bag that belonged to one of other shoppers. Instantly, I was obsessed with the look of this design and I asked her where she got it! She told me she ordered it from Etsy and that was no surprise to me because Etsy is full of creative pieces of artwork. Whether it be jewelry, sculptures, face masks, and/or cute t-shirts/bags, Etsy is sure to have it! I have seen many designs similar to this one but I really enjoyed this specific design due to the colors and the typography. The use of the color yellow behind the black print design really makes the words and drawings pop off the bag. The beautiful drawings surrounding the words “stay wild” were simple in design, yet told a story. All in all, I really loved this graphic design and it felt fitting to post this as it literally has the word “wild” on it!