I always find it intriguing when a logo or app can be noticed without any type of typography. The twitter logo can be noticed from anyone. I love the simplicity of it and the unique shape of the bird that is now fully associated with twitter. I think it is important when designing logos, especially with apps, to keep it simple. When you think of the most noticeable apps, you think of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube, etc. All of these designs are really simple and I think it is what makes it easy to remember and noticeable.

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  • Keya Shanbhag 04/03/2021 on 3:11 PM

    I agree with the importance of simplicity when creating a logo that is easily recognizable by the public especially in the case of an extremely socially oriented platform like Twitter. I think it’s also important to highlight the role of color in making a logo noticeable. The colors have to be distinct, draw the viewer’s attention, and stay consistent. Overall, consistency is key in logo design in order to maintain a company’s brand among the public.

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