Coca-Cola In The Wild

Coca-Cola is one of the most prominent beverage companies. Their packaging and style has changed quite a bit throughout time. In the photo below, you can see their history of bottles over the years.

The bottle I have looks to be a similar shape and size as the 1991 bottle. Personally, I have never enjoyed drinking out of plastic bottles, so to me, the glass bottle is much more appealing than what is generally sold in stores. From my understanding, the green color of these bottles is a natural phenomenon that are a result of the copper and natural minerals found in the sand to make them. The complementary colors between the green of the bottle and the red logo draws my attention to it, not to mention its’ simplicity in design. By staying consistent with the type that Coca-Cola is written in over the years, it gives itself that “old-school” look even in the plastic and aluminum bottle (although, not nearly as much). I do find this glass bottle to be much more appealing than the 1993 plastic bottle and 2007 aluminum bottle and would choose the glass bottle over the other two at the grocery store.

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  • Noah Pataky 03/31/2021 on 12:07 PM

    Such an iconic design for Coca-Cola. I always wondered why companies had green-colored bottles, but it makes sense that it is a natural phenomenon that some companies probably didn’t want to spend the money on working around just to change the color. I also am not a huge fan of plastic bottles as I feel they just don’t look as appealing to the eye as a brand new glass bottle. I actually do like the aluminum design however it removes the ability to see the coke on the inside before consuming. This I feel adds a certain perception of freshness when you can clearly see the coke inside of its container.

  • Deb 04/05/2021 on 11:00 AM

    What a beautiful photograph of a beautiful bottle! Did you know that Andy Warhol designed it?

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