Will this be the only fishing spot left for your grandchildren?


I found this ad while I was looking through a very old National Geographic magazine and it immediately caught (pun intended) my eye! I think it is very clever and speaks volumes to the viewer about the subject which is fish habitat conservation. Being in black and white, there are no distractions from the text and image. Also, the proportion of the fish to the small bowl really grabs the attention and dramatizes the message that we need to take better care of our fish.

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  • Emily Watts 03/31/2021 on 1:26 PM

    Hi Rebecca! I agree that this advertisement from National Geographic is very clever and thought-provoking. The choice of using black and white places the focus of the image directly onto the fishbowl, and what it is supposed to represent. In this case, the fish bowl represents how harmful fishing practices and poor environmental conservation practices will lead to detrimental effects on fish. The bold text with the question also draws in the viewer and calls them out.

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