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Trader Joe’s always amazes me with their unique packaging design for everything from snacks to frozen foods.  This morning, I was browsing through items and I came upon the aisle with a wide range of wines.  I immediately noticed this Micheal David “Freakshow” Sauvignon wine by its eye-catching circus exterior.  The emphasis is placed on a muscular man, who is standing on a podium and holding a banner that reads “the strongest man on Earth”, and he is surrounded by a packed crowd of other circus attendees as well as performers.  Cabernet Sauvignon is a super “dense” and “rich” wine, with “loads of back and red currants”, as it states in the price label pictured below, so the strong man pictured in the front is used as a symbol for the opulent nature of the drink.

The designer emulated the extravagant aesthetic of a circus by using a Victorian-style typeface, outlined in gold and bolded.  I found that this font worked well on the backside of the bottle with the event ticket; however, it did not when paired with the muscular man on the front of the bottle.  The elaborate font is overpowered by the greater presense of the man and it does not draw as much attention to the viewer’s eye.


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  • Maddy Kelly 03/30/2021 on 10:15 AM

    Trader Joe’s is the best for a lot of reasons and their packaging design is a big one of them! I think the representation of the ‘strong man’ for the bold flavors of the Cab Sauv is apt, it makes a lot of sense that the designer would use such imagery. I was also nervous for the visuals that could be represented under a name like “Freakshow” (ie: harmful or offensive historical circuses), but Trader Joe’s did a really great job with this packaging to represent not only the wine, but their inclusive company culture. Lastly, I’m so glad you included the store’s product labels on their shelves, the handwritten quality of those printed labels always made Trader Joe’s feel like a little family store versus a big chain. Awesome work!

    • Keya Shanbhag Maddy Kelly 04/03/2021 on 2:49 PM

      I totally agree! The handwritten price labels really tie the diversity of products at Trader Joe’s together, giving customers an inviting and assuring experience every time they embark upon a new product.

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