Zombieland (2009)

One of the most notable characteristics of the title sequence of Zombieland is the soundtrack that is playing throughout. “For Whom The Bell Tolls”, by Metallica, starts blasting at the beginning with the intense guitar chorus and throaty singing matching perfectly with the slow motion camera shots of the people running for their lives from the zombies. The sequence ends with the sound of a single bell tolling and a zombie getting hit by a car, with the impact synching up with the dinging of the bell. Overall, this song choice shows that this movie is going to be action packed and it will keep the viewers on the edge of their seats.

The use of the color red is a major theme of this title sequence. The scene shows people getting attacked by zombies in an ultra-violent manner with a major emphasize on blood being spilled. The red blood and gore shown puts the viewer in a suspenseful and exciting mood because it signifies that the characters in the movie are going to be constantly fighting for survival. Along with the color red being used to express exaggerated violence, all of the type used to show the names of the actors, producers, and directors are also red. This also adds to a theme of blood, action, and violence.

The lighting and colors throughout this title sequence are very bright and lively, the only dark lighting you see are the rotting corpses of the zombies. This gives a sense of not horror or fear, but of confusion and a false sense of security. The bright colors and lighting (which can be compared to a clear sunny day) signify a functioning society while the dark and ugly colors, that make up the zombie’s decaying bodies, show that this society is being taken over by evil and is falling apart. Darkness is commencing a full assault against everything bright and good.