AEG Turbine Factory- Peter Behrens

Peter Behrens most iconic design project is arguably the Allgemeine Elektricitäts-Gesellschaft (also known as AEG) turbine factory. The contributions of Peter Behrens upon this project grew his name and value in the design community and set him aside from others. Commissioned in 1907, with no prior formal architecture experience, Behrens took on the collaborative project. AEG was an electrical company that incorporated the modernist and streamlined design with the aid of Behrens. Relying on other members of his team to handle the decisions regarding material and dimensions, Behrens took hold of the design aspects of the factory. The large building was long and sleek which contributed to Behrens desire to incorporate the ideas of speed and power into the design. This architectural design also conveyed aspects of Modernist design, giving rise to the new wave of design style for buildings. The use of concrete on the outside paired with steel beaming on the interior contributed to a design that was unique to its time. The sleekness of the exterior aided in the streamlined look which was consistent with the design of AEG’s products. This consistency, as well as the establishment of a set AEG logo/typeface, generated the brand identity of AEG. From the design of the products, to the appearance of the factory, and the logo, AEG was a main founder in the ideas of corporate identity. This turbine factory was not just a place for construction and production, but a symbol for the new age of production and ideas of what design could accomplish. 



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