AEG Logo – Peter Behrens

The creation of the typeface for the German company Allgemeine Elektricitäts-Gesellschaft, also known by the acronym AEG, was an important project completed by designer Peter Behrens. After the design of the AEG factory by Peter Behrens, the company consulted with him again in order to rebrand themselves. This typeface was specifically designed for AEG and incorporates bold, serif, and geometric lettering. This font stands out and was one of the defining characteristics that aided in the establishment of a corporate identity and brand. During this time, unlike today, very few companies had an established and recognizable brand. Prior to Peter Behrens design of this font, the company had been changing the style of the typeface since the earliest design in 1896. With five iterations of this typeface between the years of 1896 and 1912, the company was constantly changing their brand identity. Peter Behrens contribution to this font was extremely important and established AEG as one of the first companies to initiate their corporate identity. There have been very few iterations of this typeface since 1912 yet the main contents have never changed. This allowed both AEG and Behrens to grow and become recognizable throughout the country. The bold geometric design stands out and portrays ideas of uniformity, structure, and predictability – characteristics that the company would want to convey to their customers. This project had a lasting impact on the world of brand identity and was the beginning domino that influenced large corporations all over Germany and eventually the world.



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