Texas Roadhouse


The physical spatial environment that I chose to write about is Texas Roadhouse. Texas Roadhouse is a casual dining restaurant franchise that specializes in hand-cut steaks. They have locations all over North Carolina, but I specifically visited the Holly Springs location. Texas Roadhouse does a great job at decorating their physical space to show the character of their restaurant from the moment a customer steps through the door. Much of the inside and the outside of the restaurant are covered in wood paneling, which gives the restaurant a lot of character, more so than just plain drywall. From the outside of the restaurant, one is able to tell that the physical building does a great job at giving off a Texas ranch type of vibe. It adds a lot of character to the building, and because it is done in the correct way, is able to play into their Texas branding and it doesn’t make it look like a log cabin. Another main component of the design of Texas Roadhouse is the taxidermy animal heads on the walls. Although I am very aware that this is not everyone’s first choice for the interior design of a restaurant, it is something that definitely plays into the southern and Texas culture. There are many different types of animals such as deer, moose, fish and goats. Although the décor could be off putting to some, I think that in an interesting way it does a great job at setting itself apart from other restaurant chains. There are numerous amounts of different restaurants that a consumer could choose to go to, that serves the exact same type of food: steaks, chicken, bloomin’ onions, beer, etc., but their décor sets them apart and gives the customer the feeling that they are in a Texas restaurant.