Hunt Library a Place full of Personality

A physical environment that I love to visit is the Hunt Library on Centennial campus.  As a high school student touring colleges, this library was always one of the coolest spots on campus, and now as a student at State, it is such a cool place to visit.  The vibe that is created is fun, colorful, and sophisticated.  The vibrant colors and the eclectic chairs symbolize the different people, personalities, and backgrounds that are seen on State’s campus.  State is extremely diverse and I think Hunt represents that aspect of the college.  I love the incorporation of nature in the design.  The library is full of windows and sources of natural or more yellow light. This makes the atmosphere of the library very calm and relaxing.  A library is a place where studying takes place and the “vibe” of the library is very conducive to work and productivity.  There were many choices that had to be made about the space before the library was even built.  The designers had to consider the lighting that was going to be used, the furniture that was going to fill the space, the colors that would make the place feel like home, and the spatial arrangement of it all.  I love the lighting the library uses.  There is a good mix of natural light with more subtle light fixtures like the ones seen in the first-floor quiet study space.  These small details are what make the library so special to me.  Along with the lighting, the non-traditional seating makes the atmosphere different than any other study spot on campus.  If I had to change one thing, it would be the bright yellow stairs.  I think a more subtle or pastel yellow would be less shocking to the eye and help the space flow a bit better.  I understand the use of primary colors, but I think a subtle change in the yellow would pair nicely with the natural light that fills the library.  The overall design of the library is different and I believe it was made that way for a reason.  It is a place that celebrates differences, the beauty of nature and color, and student life.  This library will always be a special place for me and many other students because of the vibe that was created there by the designers.


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  • Tyler Temprile 03/19/2021 on 8:19 PM

    I think your comments about the design of Hunt Library were spot on! When I first entered Hunt my freshman year, I was thrilled by the book robot. It is truly one of the most modern buildings I have been inside. Although the size of the building can fit several hundreds of individuals, it always seems to bring a quiet, relaxing vibe throughout. One of the more interesting aspects of this library is the furniture. No one likes studying in an uncomfortable desk chair, on a flat desk. Hunt provides so many unique options for every person to enjoy, and the different colors definitely represents NC States theme of diversity and inclusion! The variety of room options brings a sense of freedom, as you truly have the ability to do just about anything you desire inside of this futuristic library. Overall, I think it took a lot of hard work and creativity to design the interior and theme, and I appreciate the uniqueness it provides for students.

  • Mallory Sullivan 03/29/2021 on 10:23 PM

    Hi! Thank you so much for your insightful post. I agree with your opinions about Hunt Library, it is a truly amazing space! One of the aspects of the library that catches my eye is the light in the space. Like you pointed out, the library utilizes natural light as much as possible. The unique aspect of the light fixtures in the library is that they are spread out and hidden in at the top of the ceiling in order to create the illusion of natural light. I also love Hunt because of the way the designers incorporated futuristic features to appeal to the people who would be in there the most. Engineering students would feel right at home and would appreciate the uniqueness of the design and technology at Hunt.

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