Navigating The Elder Scrolls Online

Image of the map screen when I clicked on Stonefalls Image of the map screen when I right-clicked Image of the map screen when I first opened it

To assess the map screen in the Elder Scrolls Online, I chose a location to travel to before starting the game. I settled on the city of Ebonheart as my desired location. When I opened the game, I hit the “M” key on my keyboard to access the map. The map screen showed the area in which my character currently resided. To find the area that surrounded Ebonheart, I had to right-click the screen to see the map of Tamriel, which is the continent where most of the game takes place. This method of navigation is not obvious to new users because it requires prior knowledge of the system. Once I reached the Tamriel map, I had to hover over all of the wayshrines to locate the city of Ebonheart. There are many wayshrines to look through, which made this task time-consuming. The map screen has an easier way to navigate for new or inexperienced players. On the right side of the map screen, there is a menu that lists all of the locations in the game. If you click on the pushpin icon, you can access this list and find Stonefalls, the area in which Ebonheart resides. When you click on the Stonefalls, it will show the map of the area, and then, you can hover over the icons until you find Ebonheart. The only issue with this method is that you need to know the area in which your desired location is found. I did not know this information off the top of my head, so I had to look it up on the internet. Ultimately, I did find my way to the city of Ebonheart, but it took a little longer than I would have liked. It would have been much easier to locate Ebonheart if the list of locations included cities. It would have also been helpful to have instructions visible so that the player would not have to resort to trial and error.

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  • Eric Pryor 04/14/2021 on 3:14 PM

    I tried playing this game once and I had a lot of trouble navigating! The map is so huge. Also, a kid called my character ugly, which stung a bit. A lot of games like this make new players walk everywhere but as you progress you gain access to easier forms of travel such as mounts or fast travel. When I start a new game I like being challenged to reach new areas on foot, because usually a lot of fun stuff happens on the way! Maybe I’ll give this game another try. Nice post!

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