Starbucks Environment

Starbucks is a coffee franchise that focuses on having a unique yet consistent experience between its multiple locations. They accomplish this by their use of color, materials, and items. The interior designs of Starbucks usually combine both modern and rustic materials to create a comforting feeling and when combined with a naturally lit interior makes the building feel very open and welcoming. There are also multiple windows in order to keep people inside from feeling restrained inside of a building. Another way they bring comfort to people is the use of not bright white LEDs, instead, they use those with a slightly warmer hue as well as dim them. I believe this gives off a more relaxing mood as the lights are not overly apparent in most settings. 

Starbucks sticks mostly to neutral colors like brown, black, and grey with the occasional hint of dark grey representing their brand. The materials chosen are very high quality in appearance and show that there was thought put into the combination of the items. Having a consistent choice of wood used throughout the building and furniture connects them in a way that makes it seem like everything was meant to go together. The back wall consists of white stone that is cut in a way that points up almost as if it is foreshadowing the boost in energy you get from the caffeine in their drinks. The light strip at the top is there to help illuminate the point of the stone wall back. 

Every little detail about Starbucks creates a vibe that makes customers want to come in with other people and relax while enjoying their drinks/food. Before COVID-19 Starbuck was a favorite place for many due to its inviting nature. People enjoyed just sitting down and drinking coffee while catching up and working on projects. Since the restrictions came in place, it actually makes plenty feel sad about not being able to partake in the signature Starbucks relaxing aroma.