Carmichael Gym

Navigating Space

For my space I chose the NC State Carmichael Gymnasium particularly the new Wellness and Recreation Center. The designers of this gymnasium put an emphasis on creating an open space that has a balance of natural and modern design elements. When entering the space, but are greeted by an open entrance with many plants and light wood detailing that help make the space feel less industrial. From the entrance and on each floor, you can see the other floors making it feel very breathable. There are also large windows that bring a lot of natural light into the space that enhance the natural and inviting feel to the space. 

A gymnasium is a social environment, and the designers kept that in mind when creating the entrance to the gym. There’s a variety of seating options with soft, curved chairs as well as benches. The color palette that the designers chose for this space are thematic to NC State including red and shades of light grey. I think that the designers chose light grey for this space to contribute to the modern, open feel.

There is a sign on the bottom floor to help people navigate what is located on each floor. There is a visual hierarchy within the sign that shows the number of each floor in the order of how the floors are visually. The font that they chose is a sans serif font that makes it easy to read. I think that it might be the same font that is used across other NC State buildings and websites, so it helps keep consistency to the brand of the university. This building connects to the older gym at NC State and the signage indicates where the classrooms and studios in the old gym are located. Overall, I really enjoy the feeling of the new gym space because of the structure of the building and the contemporary aesthetic.