Using Maps to Raleigh

I chose to use Maps, the navigation app provided by Apple, to travel from my hometown Pfafftown, back to Raleigh after a visit home. I normally do not use a navigation app because I know my way back, but I was intrigued to see if it took me a different way. I included a screenshot of my normal route which takes me on the right side of Winston, but the route provided by the app took me partially through Winston and then directly onto I-40 East so I was on the highway for less time. With the route I took with the app, I got to see a beautiful view of the city and it was the same amount of time as my normal route. I sadly did not get a photo of the skyline because I was driving on the highway with some traffic and did not have a passenger. The app layout shows bright and light colors throughout the day with your route being the brightest color on the screen. This makes it very easy to see where you are supposed to be going and the background is not distracting but also informative of general placement of buildings. The surrounding land is shown with green, and greys for buildings to get a general sense of where turns are. I did take a wrong turn on the way because I was not in the correct lane, but the app was very quick to update, taking less than 15 seconds to adjust to the new route and it did not add any time onto my journey. When it adjusted to the new route, I did think I was going the wrong way for a bit because I was on a backroad, shown in one of the photos and it did not seem like I was heading east like I needed to be, but it worked itself out and I had a general sense of where I was after a few minutes. The app also notified me multiple times about an upcoming turn which was nice and gave me plenty of time to prepare. Overall, I think the app did very well in efficiently getting me to Raleigh with a route that I have not taken before. I did not save any time, but it also did not take longer than my usual route either. The app is very well laid out and even allows you to put in a stop along your route if you want to find something to eat or get some coffee on your way without going to far off the route which is really cool.