Universal Studios & Islands of Adventure

Map of Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure

I found the ability to read and use this map considerably easy. Understanding where certain rest spots, places to eat, and rides was very clear. The map creates clarity from the way they color code different areas of the park. They also varied in font type for Universal Studios and for Islands of Adventure. For the titles of the different areas in the Universal Studios park they seemed to use a serif font with all uppercase lettering. For Islands of Adventure, they used a serif font that was more rounded, and the titling included both upper and lowercase letters. I believe they made this design choice to help distinguish between the two parks, since a lot of the colors used for color coding the different areas are repeated. Also, since the parks easily connect to each other and one could accidentally think they’re looking at the map of Islands of Adventure when they’re actually looking at the Universal Studios map. Another way they distinguish between the two parks is by using size variation within the map to highlight certain landmarks, such as The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. They sized up the castle in the map to replicate the size in reference to other rides and buildings in reality. Other popular rides are highlighted and made into a landmark such as Doctor Doom’s Fear Fall and The Incredible Hulk Coaster. Landmarks such as these helped me the most in finding my way around Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. If you’re lost the easiest way to find where you are is to look for the nearest landmark, like the ones I used as examples. After figuring out where my location was on the map using landmarks, it was a little hard trying to find which direction I was walking in (north, south, east, or west according to the map). To figure this out I constantly had to check the map and the nearest landmark I was heading towards. To improve this, I think that adding road or path names to the map would help. Just as it helps when driving, having labels of what road or path I’m walking on would help me more easily figure out which direction I’m walking in within each section of the park. This would keep me from having to constantly look back at the map and look for landmarks in reference to where I am.