World of Warcraft

One of the biggest open world (MMO-RPG) games is World of Warcraft. This open world fantasy game allows a player to explore to no limits the world around them and choose their own path of how they want to play the game. There are multiple worlds and areas in the game and this can be confusing for a first time player to navigate. There is a big world map that you can bring up to help find where you are in the world and there is a smaller mini map in the top left corner that helps with knowing which direction you’re facing and what building you’re inside. As you open up the larger map, the world or area you want to zoom in on will highlight so that helps with navigating what location you want to see. On the left side of the larger map lies the quest log where if you click and “track” a quest it will show up on the map in a bright yellow circle which helps you know where to find it. Along with finding quests, the mini-map includes a yellow arrow that will point in the direction that you must travel in order to reach the quest destination. These attributes help a lot with finding your way in the world and not getting lost. 

The map includes all areas of the world, even ones that you haven’t discovered yet. If you haven’t discovered a zone, it will look a brown color like the rest of the map, while if you have discovered that zone it will show the colors of the zone and the names of the areas. Another very important design technique for navigation is not only the maps, but pathways and zone colors. Pathways are included on the map as well as in the world, so you can follow paths that will lead you to cities or towns. Each zone has a specific look and color scheme to it, and some more than others. In the new expansion each new zone has a high contrast of color and environment design which helps players know exactly where they are without the use of a map.