Waze Application

The Waze application is a navigation system that you can download to your phone and it will be able to guide you to your destination and calculate how long it will take. When you are using the application, it will give you multiple ways to get to your destination and it also has a speedometer on it and will alert you if you are going over the speed limit. When you put a destination in the application you will be given the fastest way to get there but also if there is traffic it will redirect you so you can bypass it. It will let you know when the best time to leave is so you can also avoid traffic on the road and certain routes. I find it very easy to find the ways I want to go and the directions it gives me are always clear. I have never got lost while using the application, but I have been redirected because of traffic or an accident and have been taken ways I have never been before. The design of the application is very clean and simple, so it is easy for me to find my way while using it. When you are driving at night it even goes into night mode if you want and will make it easier to see while using it at night. The Waze application also gives you alerts if there are police, cars on the side of the road and other things a driver needs to be aware of. There has never been a time that I had any doubts in the application involving the direction I was going but since Waze users update the application there has been alerts that are old that still pop up on my phone. The designers I believe wanted to make the navigating system easy and reliable for anyone to use at all times of the day. The application has a bold font that just makes it easier to read while driving compared to some of the other navigation system applications. Waze is also able to alert you when there are gas stations nearby so this can be helpful if you are in need of gas and are going somewhere where you have never been. If you are going to a school and need to know where there is parking the application can also alert you to where there is a nearby parking lot and also Wi-Fi, bathrooms, weather and numerous other things. I have never had to worry about being lost while using this navigation system, but I would suggest that the designers try to keep the application updated and keeping it simple and easy to use. Doing updates like making the application able to update itself when there are alerts that are no longer a problem or caution for drivers. This can be helpful to keeping users using the Waze application for their navigating needs.