NC State’s Hangout Spot

I chose this hangout spot because it is not only very calming, it is also a great place to hang out with friends and relieve stress. To be out there was very relaxing and fun mainly because I was able to get my mind off of school, off life in general, and hang with my teammates. The vibe I got from the environment was a bonfire. I say this because they have wooden lawn chairs surrounding the table and in the middle of the table there is a fire that comes out of it. I relate it to a bonfire because they are very similar the only difference is an actual bonfire uses real wood and you place it. The sand and the lawn chairs give you a beach vibe communicating a family-friendly feeling in the atmosphere. Lights are wrapped around the whole field set up and at night they come on and brighten up the whole section. I see the lights as if you were sitting back and looking up at stars in the sky. The color choices of the chairs, table, lights etcetera all complement each other. I feel that the color scheme and materials are used to communicate a modern style hangout spot with sand added to it for comfort. Also, I believe it communicates the environment around it is very young. When I say young I mean it’s surrounded by young college students and adults on campus. Most of the time you usually see younger people hanging around bonfires. The material I would change is the sand because when it rains the sand becomes mushier and more likely to stick to your clothes or shoes. I feel almost anything else works better than sand for this hangout spot. Other than that I would keep the setup and everything else the same.