Navigating Tous Les Jours

The first thing I felt when I stepped into this coffee shop/bakery was a sense of comfort and warmth. The lighting created a welcoming atmosphere.  There wasn’t a lot of light, but many windows which allowed the bakery to be filled with natural light. It was mostly the small details that communicated a certain vibe that let me feel like I stepped into Paris or some other European city. It transported me.  The colors were neutral and simple- mostly consisting of blacks, browns, and whites. They blended well together and produced a cozy feeling. If the designers picked more vibrant colors it wouldn’t have emitted the same feelings. It could have created an imbalance or detracted from the focus of the bakery- it wouldn’t have felt like a bakery if the colors were bright. Another detail that I paid attention to was the plants scattered around the bakery. They added a little color to the mostly neutral colors, making the bakery less plain and made the environment softer. Plants bring health benefits and that’s one of the first things I note when I see plants- they automatically make a space healthier and feel cleaner. Plants are trendy, so they modernize an environment and that can make it more appealing to teenagers. When you walk into the bakery and turn right, that’s the central part of the bakery-which is somewhat of an odd layout from where the front door is located. Nonetheless, this part of the bakery is where it truly feels like a bakery.  The focal point of this side is the glass cabinets filled with various desserts. The design of the shelves is simplistic but formal and modernized. It matches the neutral colors that fill the bakery. Behind the glass, the cabinet is where we see the name of the bakery in white text- Tous Les Jours. The font and text are simple and clean- like the rest of the bakery. The wallpaper beneath the text is what stands out- it’s trendy and aesthetically pleasing. It’s simple and light so it matches the aesthetic of the space, but it has a subtle pattern that turns the space around. It created a sense of separation from the other sides, all other walls were plain and didn’t have text on the wall so the side seemed more significant. The wallpaper communicated that this side was the central part of the inside- which it was as this was where people picked the deserts they wanted. It’s what immediately draws customers when they step in and directs them to where the deserts are. Parts of the bakery I especially liked and noted were the chalkboard cabinets behind checkout- I thought that was really trendy and matched the modern tone. One thing I would change is making the wooden boards above checkout thicker because that is what customers see when they first walk in. The name of the bakery should be listed there instead of just on the right side of the bakery because that seems off. Overall, I love this bakery because it makes me feel like I’ve been transported somewhere else.


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