FOXBLOOD: For babes that wear black.

FOXBLOOD is a clothing company created by Lindsey Hearts for those who have dark tastes and also desire to be comfortable and confident in what they wear. The majority of the clothing items have a minimalist feel which I think is greatly represented by their logo. The logo is shown with a simple font in all uppercase letters with a line struck through the middle. The typography with black and white colors make a dark and bold statement while simultaneously being simplistic and to the point.


*this is a photo of the postcard they send with their packages

FOXBLOOD website

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  • Maddy Kelly 03/16/2021 on 12:29 PM

    I always love that postcard clothing companies include in an order, it’s such a great personal touch! This particular logo is also so interesting up close (great photo), the line across the text and within the “B” seem to form a subtle arrow! The slogan is also such a great indicator of the brand’s products, and the script font seems an excellent contrast to the sans serif simplicity of the logo!

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