City Life Book Cover

This book cover for “City Life” by Donald Barthelme caught my eye as I sifted through books at my local book shop. The immediate impression it gave me is that of a city that is alive and bustling with life, as the typeface used in the title resembles a 1960’s style of flashy and invigorating graphics. The gold background, along with the dancing figures, adds to this effect. I love the overall vintage feel to this book cover, but I am disappointed by the use of the circle at the top, as it does not actually represent an “O”, but is simple meant as a backdrop for the dancing figures. The title itself has a bold look, along with the author’s name, with the 3D pop adding to the feeling of a lively city. Overall, I just love the feeling this cover gives; while not overstaying anything, it manages to project the life of a city very well.