Amazon Packaging

This is an Amazon shipping box, something that has become increasingly more popular in our lives as we move forward. So when a package arrives that isn’t in a plain brown box with a smiley face it draws more attention to the consumer because of the contrast. The design on this box is fully colored to fit Discovery+’s branding. I think the rarity of having an Amazon package come with different design assets assists the overall impact of the change. I like the colors used as I feel they are very subtle but still portraying the brand’s image. I feel like this packaging would be more beneficial if it incorporated more shows from varying genres in order to show more what this service includes because not everyone cares about shark week or the twins.

Discussion — One Response

  • Jemima Liteli 02/28/2021 on 5:16 PM

    Great job Noah! I think that it awesome seeing the collaborations of these two major companies and while I don’t think that box is a pretty cool way to introduce advertising as well as collaborations. I see many benefits to the regular tan box shipping box but I also know that the goal of this collaboration couldn’t have been accomplished with a stickers on the side of the box. I think it is bold and eye catching which I think was the whole point.

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