It would be an understatement to say that I absolutely adore this design.

This design is off the Tshirt of my favorite band, Leprous, on an album which is my favorite, sadly, only for it’s visual designs. Whenever I view this design, I am immediately taken by the rigid geometric structure of the environment paired with the gentle colors and soft shading applied to it. I think that this combination is absolutely genius and aids well in interpreting, visually, what kinds of vibes the album gives off. 

To start off with, I want to explore the actual typography a bit more. The font used for “Leprous” is an incredibly modern-looking sans serif font, very reminiscent of Helvetica, created in Sweden. This particular band is based in Norway, and creates in the genre of Progressive Metal, which is a modern, more digital and synthesized interpretation of the metal genre, so it would make sense that they choose a more modern font. However, they still leave the imagery of the locust in the “O” of the band name, recalling the traditional, gritty, origins of Metal strife with religious imagery and pestilence. 

Secondly, I want to explore the image a bit more. Geometric and linear, it is reminiscent of an unclad 3D model, bare, exposed, but rigid and structural. The light from the cave and the moon provide a softness, a textural balance to the spikes and ridges around it. Lastly, the addition of the human figure provides crucial context that this is a physical environment, and with this context, you begin to see the environment more as scenery and less of an abstract pattern.

Although the music was slightly disappointing and not entirely cohesive, the album art proves entirely otherwise.