After looking through all the font options on the Adobe Fonts website, I decided on Braisetto, a script font by Adam Ladd. According to the description on Adobe Fonts, it is a “handwritten signature font” and is “designed to look personal”. I couldn’t find a specific publishing date for this font, though I did find that it was uploaded by Adam Ladd on a few different websites in early 2018. Something interesting that I found out about Adam is that he created a viral branding video with his daughter that gathered 1 million views in 1 week.

I decided on this font because I found it very representative of me and my personality. The font seems soft and easygoing, and it also seems very light. I’ve been told that I am very soft, sensitive, and shy, so I feel that this font represents those traits well.

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  • Brianna Walker 02/16/2021 on 5:47 PM

    Hey Cynthia, I really like this font choice and how you connected it to your personality. Before even reading how you interpreted this, I would have guessed “easygoing” as a component of your description so I think you did a good job of picking a font to show your personality. For me, the easygoing component comes across as a result of the cursive lettering and flow of the font. I thought the soft, sensitive and shy aspect was interesting and after thinking on it, I see how the soft edges of the font allude to those notes of yourself. Overall I really like this representation!

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